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 Julia Winger Quay is a visionary, spiritual intuitive, messenger, healer, peacemaker and singer-songwriter who is here to inspire and uplift the world through her work. Her latest endeavor is White Dove Project which was inspired by a vision she received waking up one morning to bring love and light into a dark and troubled time through the transforming 528hz Solffeggio frequency of God/Universe. 

528hz Musicians for World Peace


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 How 528 Hz is Used in Music?

Dr. Horowitz once predicted that, “Musicians shall remedy what ails humanity”.

And it’s the musicians that are heading the charge to bring 528 Hz back to the people that need it.

In fact, the legendary John Lennon may have paid the ultimate price in his attempts to spread the “love frequency”.

The music researcher Lunartunar recently discovered that the mega popular Lennon song, Imagine, was actually recorded in 528 Hz.

If you have ever wondered why this song is so compelling and reaches so deeply into your soul, you now know.

Dr. Horowitz has suggested that this earned Lennon the ire of the military industrial complex, which is headed by people that profit from the chaos and conflict that grips our world, and that it was they who had Lennon assassinated.

John Lennon would have been aware of 528 Hz and its potential effects when he composed his beautiful song, Imagine, using this very frequency at its core.

That’s pretty heavy stuff, but it hasn’t stopped musicians from trying to share the “love”.

For example, the musician Scott Huckabay performs and records all of his music with A tuned to 444 Hz, which coincides with C at 528 Hz.

Veteran piano designer and tuner Daniel Koehler has created prototype pianos that use the A at 444 Hz tuning, in an effort to demonstrate its benefits.

Then there’s Amerie, who’s been nominated for multiple Grammy Awards in the past and produced her 2011 album Cymatika, Vol. 1 in 528 Hz.

And we can’t forget Dr. Horowitz, who organized an entire concert  around 528 Hz in 2009. It was the Live H20 Concert for the Living Water and brought together thousands of people to play, sing, and chant in the “love frequency” in an effort to ease pollution in the world’s water supply.

The Significance of 528hz In The Future

This mysterious frequency of love and miracles, 528 Hz, has the power to transform our world, whether it’s eliminating pollution from our oceans, healing DNA, or overcoming hate and conflict with love.

It resonates with nature, from the trees to the bees, vibrating at the same frequency found in rainbows and the sun.

Can you imagine a world where people lived in greater harmony not only with each other, but with our planet and all of its plants and animals?

To quote Dr. Horowitz yet again:

This knowledge provides the opportunity of a lifetime, to  engage a mass transfer of wealth from those who secreted this sacred knowledge to those ‘who shall inherit the earth’ by applying the power of LOVE whenever and wherever possible.

But you don’t have to dream quite so big for now. Because 528 Hz can help you, alleviating your physical and spiritual illnesses, bringing you more in tune with the world around you, and opening your heart, mind, and consciousness to the depth and wisdom of the universe.

Our music helps you do just that. 

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This project is the continuation of the work John Lennon started many years ago. We have picked up the torch to move his vision forward. This 528 Love Revolution is a tribute to him and his true mission here on earth to bring love, unity and peace to the world.

Video of John Lennon performing "Imagine" in 528hz.

The Main Event-528hz World Peace Festivals

Our Performers

We are looking for Visionaries, Music Artists, Singer-Songwriters and Instrumentalists of the healing arts who write songs to inspire, uplift and bring messages of peace and hope to the world, those performing in 528hz who are passionate about making a difference through their music.

Our Festivals

Our events will be performed throughout the world to heal, awaken, transform and shift consciousness through this high vibration frequency of 528hz . It is the frequency of love and prosperity that comes from the heart center of God/Source/Universe.

The Story

Hello my friends, welcome to the beginning of the 528 love revolution! I'm Julia Winger Quay, founder of White Dove Project. Several years ago, I woke up with a vision and it stayed with me for months. I didn't know what to do with it as it seemed so big and overwhelming, yet it kept coming back to me like a child pulling on my shirt refusing to be ignored. Usually when something like that happens I pay attention but because it challenged me, I kept pushing it away, thinking the last thing I needed was one more challenge. I realized it wasn't going away and that God/The Universe or whatever label you choose to view it as, was the "child" pulling on my shirt! I finally said, "OK" out loud, and then being that I'm a very spiritual person, said a prayer of commitment to this vision. I said God, if I'm really to do this, then I'm going to need an army of people who have the power, where with all and expertise to help me carry it out as this is way out of my comfort zone. I was a singer/songwriter, a creative with a few credits to my name and not someone with the skill set to orchestrate this kind of undertaking. But, once I committed and said, YES, the synchronicity started to happen and money that I didn't have started showing up from sources I wouldn't have expected, the power of YES! 

I proceeded to get very unusual signs and synchronicity of which I will get into in greater depth once this project evolves and we do the documentary, but I will say this, it all ironically leads to John Lennon. Here's what happened, my friend Bill from the UK sent me an email out of the blue shortly after I had the vision in 2016. The odd thing was, this email was one he had sent me in 2011, but for some curious reason he saved it and thought to re-send right then, which I found quite intriguing as he had no idea of my vision and it all centering around John Lennon. The bulk of the email was about Jason Leen, a well known and respected medium who had written a book with John called "Peace at Last,” considered to be the most authentic book on his afterlife. It was extremely synchronistic, only Bill had no idea of how synchronistic it was. The interesting thing about this is that I rarely hear from him, maybe a couple times a year when he passes on info that I might find interesting. Obviously I'm giving you a hint that this book carried a message for me that Bill, without consciously knowing was guided to help me find. I dashed home and dove into in one of my old boxes full of books and there it was, "Peace At Last." The first piece of the puzzle appeared on the opening page. It said, "John Lennon's true purpose in life was to create world peace."  

But you say, so what does this have to do with you? I asked myself that same question and I realized that outside of being a singer/songwriter myself, I have always been a peace maker and yes, I loved the Beatles, and all of John's music but I wasn't a fanatical fan, in fact I don't put artists on pedestals, though I can appreciate their brilliance and work, I'm just not one of those people. So, in thinking "why me", I thought that I might be considered a candidate given my musical heritage or family background, my great grandfather was a Senator from Pennsylvania, Matthew Stanley Quay, who with Teddy Roosevelt was a passionate advocate for the Native American Indians among other things and it struck me I must have that same gene of wanting to create peace and a better world, to help uplift and heal others only through music that raises us into a frequency of higher love and transformation. Or, it was simply a soul contract to come in at this time as a complete unknown to continue to carry out a mission that John started so many years ago for the higher good. I can only assume that was part of it. Once I re-read "Peace at Last" and realized how timely this book was along with being prompted to dig it up and re-read it 5 years later via an old email, I had to take pause, as this was the time John spoke of in the book known as "Ascension," which is happening right now, yes, it was all getting a bit woo woo. 

John said that 30 years into the future from the time he was taken out, we would be experiencing this evolution of humanity and it was slated to shift the paradigm, that many of us would step into our larger selves, Lightworkers, Starseeds and Indigo's, the 144,000 prophesied in the Bible to open the way for the consciousness of the world to shift. He mentioned his soul need to continue working for world peace even in spirit as it was still of great concern and a deep passion. The vision suddenly became larger. I suppose at this point you might be wondering what this vision is?

I'll share it this way, I saw myself standing on a big stage, with masses of people for miles, there were many music artists set to perform and I was welcoming everyone and thanking them for coming out. I got that this was a powerful gathering and it would act as a ripple effect even after it was over. It was a World Peace Movement in the form of a "Woodstock" only at a much higher spiritual octave and it was to be a continuous event in the form of festivals throughout the world with visionary music artists bringing messages of love and peace to inspire, uplift, awaken, heal and shift the paradigm. What I didn't know at the time was that all the music was to be performed in the frequency known as 528hz, one of the 6 frequencies of God in the Solffeggio Scale kept secret from us for eons, in fact it is the frequency that John Lennon recorded his iconic songs "Imagine, Hey Jude and Working Man's Hero" in, it is the frequency that comes directly from the heart center of God/Universe, it is love and prosperity and the key that will heal the world. John was very much onto something back then and because of that he posed an even bigger threat to those with a very dark agenda as history has demonstrated. There is much more to this story on how I stumbled onto the 528hz frequency but to keep this from being too long I'll refrain for now and share the full story when we do the documentary of this journey. 

For these past 3 years I've been gearing up to create and move this vision into being a tangible enity. I've had many blocks and obstacles to overcome, my most challenging being a bad car accident that side lined me for 4 months, yet it only proved to fuel and inspire me all the more to bring this to the world. I believe this vehicle will be groundbreaking in awakening us to a higher love, opening the way for us to see ourselves, each other and the world differently. If my vision stirs you, moves you, inspires you and you have the expertise and where with all to partner with us, please contact us at the information below. We can be the change we want to see in the world and music in 528hz frequency is one of the most powerful ways we can do that.    


Bring Peace

Song of unity and getting past the illusion that we are separate, a reminder that we are all one, that when you take down another, you take down yourself, when you hate another you hate yourself, it's a song of healing and a call for the world to awaken. 


Check out this powerful trailer of the 528 Key Movie by Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane.  

The video below is eye opening information on the true significance of 528hz and why it is so important for all musicians to tune their instruments to this transformative frequency. Please join us and help us shift the paradigm by choosing and playing your music in 528hz, you will experience a marked difference in the way you feel and see the world.


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White Dove Project

Additional Information

 Please note: To find out how to uncover the 528hz along with the other 5 original Solfeggio frequencies revealed in the Bible, see the info below or go to the Book of Numbers, Chapter 7, verses 12-83. You will see it's not just about the verses, it's about the numbers. 


Here's how to find the hidden Solfeggio numbers: Start with Chapter 7 verse 12 (1+2=3), then count 6 verses to verse 18  (1+8=9), then count 6 verses to Verse 24 (2+4=6) = Solfeggio Frequency  396. 

Then go back up to verse 13 (1+3=4), then count 6 verses to verse 19 (1+9=10=1), then count 6 verses to verse 16 (1+6=7) = Solfeggio  Frequency 417.

Then go back up to verse 14 (1+4=5), then count 6  verses to verse 20 (2+0=2), then count 6 verses to verse 26 (2+6=8) = Solfeggio frequency 528 which is the gold offering. 

Go back up  to verse 15 (1+5=6), then count 6 verses to verse 21 (2+1=3), then count  6 verses to verse 27 (2+7=9) = Solfeggio Frequency 639.

Go back  up to verse 16 (1+6=7), then count 6 verses to verse 22 (2+2=4), then  count 6 verses to verse 28 (2+8=10 and 1+0=1) = Solfeggio Frequency  741z.

Notice every 6 verses repeat and that 528 is the "Gold Offering." 

Special heartfelt thanks to Dr. Charles Kwang, Dr. Michelle Bosten, Marvin Rowland, Laura Fuller, Boo Merlin, Jane Dawson and Rob Shrigley Woolf for supporting and encouraging me to do this, you have been the wind beneath my wings:)

To all my session musicians, Carl Byron, Matt Fish, DJ Bonebrake, Todd Herfindal, Tia Simon and my guitar/bass player/producer Rich McCulley, my heartfelt gratitude for your awesome work on my song "Bring Peace."