There He'l Be

A song for the lost in 528hz, a reminder that we are not left without a divine lifeline when there seems to be no way. Written and sung by Julia Winger Quay.

Little Moments-528hz

I was sitting at Starbucks having a cup of Joe one day and it struck me how in that little moment I felt so completely happy and grateful, a simple thing such as this, that most wouldn't even notice got me thinking of the moments that build the life of you and me. 

All Things come-528HZ

I wrote this song to encourage not only myself but others to have patience when the road seems far too long to go the distance. It's a reminder to believe that faith will get you there, no matter how dark it seems.

People In My Life

The many people/friends that come and go in our lives, that leave an indelible mark, good or bad for the purpose of mirroring parts of ourselves that took us years to find. A song of love and gratitude to each of them. Written with Roy Rede, vocals by Julia.